Key Proofs

Verify social identitys using OpenPGP

About Keyproofs

KeyProofs is a server side version of Keyoxide. There is no JavaScript executed on this page and resourcesKeys are looked up via Web key directory or from

Decentralized online identity proofs

  • You decide which accounts are linked together
  • You decide where this data is stored
  • KeyProofs does not store your identity data on its servers
  • KeyProofs merely verifies the identity proofs and displays them

Empowering the internet citizen

  • A verified identity proof proves ownership of an account and builds trust
  • No bad actor can impersonate you as long as your accounts aren’t compromised
  • Your online identity data is safe from greedy internet corporations

User-centric platform

  • KeyProofs generates QR codes that integrate with OpenKeychain and Conversations
  • KeyProofs fetches the key wherever the user decides to store it
  • KeyProofs is self-hostable, meaning you could put it on any server you trust

Secure and privacy-friendly

  • KeyProofs doesn’t want your personal data, track you or show you ads
  • KeyProofs relies on OpenPGP, a widely used public-key cryptography standard (RFC-4880)
  • Cryptographic operations are performed on server.